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古今中外船网微信营销软件站街王Looking at lv bu's horses, cao cao shook his head and said, "now lv bu is no longer able to force the enemy. We need to pull as one. After this battle, our soldiers are already tired and need to respond and repair.With the command of CAI MAO, but see the flag waving, the sound of the horn in the empty sky and earth straight through the sky, black armor converges into a black torrent toward the enemy camp surging away, the cold arrows converges into the rain of arrows in the sky carrying the cold aircraft towards the enemy camp enveloped and down."War horse." Liu ye is indifferent way.

"What happened to yuan shang and yuan tan?" Jia xu asked for lost jiang."Hiss ~" lu xun and companion can not help gasping a mouthful of air, see toward the other side way: "difficult way not afraid of this hundreds of thousands of people make a disturbance?"Zhang fei spear method seems strong, but with a sharp, d smell speech, looked up the red, but can't open retorted, all depends on the breath hold do not come loose at the moment, he can support, once open, this tone melted away, and that the strength becomes, at once see life and death, zhang fei was saw he was already a spent force, just speak phase excitation, laid hands on him is a malicious like a move, make up my mind in the heart, tonight will be lyu3 bu4 under this general die here!古今中外船网"Well!" The home will smell speech, hurriedly promise 1, trot to leave.

古今中外船网"General, let the flag go, or you and I will die!" Kuai before the command from the side, block d, it's a pity that military boldness of jingzhou has lost, could not block d, is backed by almost, this time, if again let ShuaiQi followed behind him, not only has lost the ability of commander in chief military forces, more can let d, is inferior to discard ShuaiQi, can also get a chance.

Primm natural saw d to the other party is not willing to excessive loss of military forces, also give them had a little breathing room, but this is not a good thing, the soldiers in this moment nervous state, the longer, the greater the pressure, is not only physical, and spiritual pressure, time is long, I'm afraid you have to collapse....Liu bei wen yan could not help overexcited, hurriedly let guan zhang take out the gift, zhuge liang refused to persuade: "Sir, this is not a betroth gift, a few table inch heart.古今中外船网




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