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一屋叉烧的家庭|虎纹蛙批发Cao cao assembled qingzhou, xuzhou, yanzhou, yuzhou a total of 300,000 troops, the million soldiers sent to transport grain to threaten the tiger prison."Tut ~" zhang fei snorted angrily and turned his head away. Now the jingzhou army was determined and there was no need for him to die with zhou yu.Above all this is an ambitious person, of course, the ambition of person and person is different, zhang songzhi is in expand his family, and he has enough talent and vision to carry talent however encounter, have the heart to do a career, meet liu zhang however such a yong Lord.

"Eldest brother, little younger brother is incompetent, tired the three armies are damaged, nearly ten thousand children and children are defeated, the consiglists give us dozens of crossbow wagons were all burned down, little younger brother originally have no face to see big brother, but he commit suicide, not true husband, is to come back to apologize, please big brother hair. Guan yu knelt on the ground and said in a muffled voice.Military pay halve, and dead can not have pension to take, although the fighting capacity is not as good as guanzhong elite, but win in material benefits, play up need not love dearly, xu sheng some excitedly rubbed rub hands: "the end will do this!"Not like zhang song imagine immediately began to contact hanzhong wei yan army planning shu, law is teaching zhang song to stand by, give up liu zhang, and then to the family big family close.一屋叉烧的家庭|"What does that mean? Liu zhang cold hum a way.

一屋叉烧的家庭|Although know cao cao is impossible to hear his cry, but xia houyuan or crazy Shouting, only in this way, can disperse the heart of the weak feeling."Peng ~"Is it the job of a general to transport provisions? Especially in the front of the war is not conducive to the situation, zhang fei wanted to fly in the past to help his eldest brother, but zhuge liang is still that hated, let zhang fei sometimes very anxious to use zhang eight snake spear on his body poke more than twenty holes.

"Keep going! Cao cao hummed cold, must suppress the opponent's crossbow, otherwise the battle can not be fought!"It's not hard, just do something about it." Lu bu nodded and looked around at pound."Brother xuande, the third son of brother naiwentai, sun yi, has a juvenile nature. Brother xuande and the old general should not be offended." Cao cao quickly rose to circle the circle, the alliance has not begun, his own people inside the first bar, which makes cao cao very helpless.一屋叉烧的家庭|




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