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武斗者传说小风扇批发"Yes." Li shuxiang stood up, at the moment two people found that the face of the other side, actually covered with a face of fangs, in the light of the uncertain flame, particularly ferocious.Zhuge liang lup rocking laughed: "bright night astrologers, jingzhou liu table, will soon in personnel, anyway can persuade childe letter microbloggers as soon as possible back to xiangyang, liu table the bucket, from the date of jingzhou in turmoil, the imperial uncle to him in the name of, support the childe microbloggers, troops xiangyang, and then sent a contend, the above-mentioned imperial government, and is willing to attack lyu3 bu4, Cao Caobi won't dump on, since the jingzhou angelica anyway."< / p > < p > guo yuan saw even failed to kill a shot a soldier, not from great anger, set foot on a step to attack again, suddenly feel the eyes of a dark, but it is another soldier in the camp even people with a shield hit him.

Around the conference semifinals have in zhang ye camp for a few days, perhaps say not fluent Chinese, but the name of lu bu, for the conference semifinals, has a great deal of magic, just a name, this let the slave soldiers around the honesty, visiting and looking at the generals of the enemy, don't know what is the relationship with lyu3 bu4 he?"Lord xie." Chen gong took a look at xu shu. He was a man of great elegance and a man of great courage. At least in terms of his appearance, xu shu was able to throw away ten or more streets."Wing DE shut up! See all round the attention of the person is gathered come over, liu bei complexion is black, pulled zhang fei 1.武斗者传说"Hold him for two days, so that the men may rest and fight again. After two days, Ben himself will take his head in front of both armies!" Clap clap table table, zhang liao sneers at a way.

武斗者传说"I didn't say anything." Mrs. Chua said quietly.As for the western region of the thirty thousand army can not be lightly moved, not only to suppress the slaves of zhangye, more importantly, to deter the western region countries."The master should not underestimate this man. If he is skillful, he is not inferior to feng xiao. He is more proficient in the art of war. Xun yousu rong dao.

< / p > < p > luoyang city, the arrival of the xiongkuo sea did not give gao shun and wei yan how much help, xiongkuo sea is a good general, but liu guan zhang was left behind by CAI MAO outside the tiger prison to contain xu sheng, the remaining jingxiang generals, if the general, let alone xiongkuo sea, is wei yan now also can sweep jingxiang generals.Lyu3 bu4 ignored long standing around, sitting on a horse, and zhang yan's head held high, indifferent eyes like a knife in a light swept all the army in Montenegro, as if that moment, he is not against them, but to bow down in the armed forces commander, mouth open you track: "zhang yan is dead, how to control!""I dare not." Shook his head: "just some trepidation."武斗者传说




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